Understanding Instagram Analytics

I spent a lot of time researching about Instagram before I started this one. I wanted to learn about analytics, marketing, brand collaborations, media kits, media impact value, etc. before I was confronted with the situations. There are so many free helpful resources online that answer pretty much any question you could have. However, one of the things that I wanted to see was what analytics to look at as an influencer. I didn’t want to necessarily do a full analytics breakdown every time I opened the tab. I wanted to have a couple things to look for that would give me an overall idea of how I’m doing and the information to attract brands.

I’m just going to use my analytics from this week to explain because it’s the easiest way. So the first thing you want to do (other than switching to a business account) is click the top banner on your profile that says how many profile visits you’ve had in the last 7 days.

Once you’ve clicked on that, a page will come up that shows you analytics for your recent content and three tabs. You’re going to tap the Activity tab.


On this page there will be two sections: Interactions and Discovery.

Interactions: Instagram explains what this means if you click the (i), but I like to think of this as basically the amount of times people actually tapped on (or interacted with) your account.

Looking at my Interactions, you can see that 24,267 people ‘tapped on my account,’ Thursday was the most common day for people to ‘tap on my account,’ and my website seemed to get ‘tapped on’ quite a bit!

Discovery: you can also read Instagram’s description of discovery when you click the (i) icon, but basically this is just the number of people that saw your account even if they didn’t interact with it.

The 187,491 accounts I reached are all the unique accounts that came across one of my posts or profile this week. The 677,616 impressions are how many times those 187,491 accounts looked at my posts.


You can use your Interactions analytics to show how engaged your following is. If your website clicks are high, then a link in bio would be valuable for a brand. Also your Impressions from the Discovery section can show this too.

You can use your Discovery analytics to show how much exposure and distribution you can offer a brand. If you are reaching a lot of new accounts, then your posts are getting a lot of exposure.

I hope this helped simplify the analytics page for you guys. I wanted a super simple guide to this page when I was starting out but I couldn’t find one anywhere. Basically these numbers are important because you can use your analytics in different ways to pitch yourself to brands.